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How to Apply & Manage Negative Placement in your Google Ads Account

Here I am going to show you ways to apply and manage your negative placements.

# Please log in to your Google Ads account, select your Google Display Campaign.

# Click ‘Placements’ and then ‘Exclusion’. Here you’ll get the option to exclude your placements where you don’t want to show your ads.

# Now please click to the pen icon and select exclude placements.

# Now out of 5 options please select the type of placements you want to exclude. To exclude the website, please select websites and paste your list there.

# You can also exclude YouTube videos, YouTube channels, Apps and Apps categories.

# It is recommended to create placement exclusion lists using the shared library. When you add negative placements you can also add them to the existing lists.

Please let me know if you have any question. Thank you!

How to Apply and Manage Negative Keywords.

The best way to manage negative keyword is to start from your Google Ads shared library.

Please log in to your Google Ads account, click to the “Tools and Settings” / then “Negative Keywords” under shared library.

There you’ll find the option to create your own negative keyword list.

I recommend organizing your negative keywords into small individual lists and apply the lists to your campaign from here.

When you’ll select a negative keyword list, you’ll see the option to apply to the list to the right campaigns to your Google Ads account! You can also add the negative keyword lists to your manager account so you can apply them directly to each of your client account (for those who use manager Google Ads Account)

While adding or removing negative keywords, I recommend updating it from the list here and it will automatically apply to the campaign who are using the particular lists.

Or add your negative keyword to a negative keyword list!

This way, you will always find your negative keywords organized.