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Free Youtube Placement Tool

Create massive targeted YouTube video placement lists in seconds.

About Youtube Placement Tool

Precise video targeting helps gets your content out to a relevant audience in a short time. You get to maximize your ROIs while keeping your advertising budget in check. The YouTube Placement Tool simplifies this tedious process into a straightforward one.

Why use Youtube Video Placement Targeting

Simple reason – razor sharp targeting. Let us explain how.

Let’s say you run an education platform that specializes in Microsoft Office skills.

Who is your target market? It could be students trying to pick up new presentation techniques. You can find them on YouTube channels like “Microsoft Office Tutorials.” The videos in these channels are where you should run your ad.

Typically, this whole process of selecting videos and channels to target is a very manual and tedious process. But with this tool, you can quickly narrow down the videos or channels in which your ad will flourish.

How to Use The Placement Targeting Tool

Just follow these simple steps to generate your placement list:

Step 1: Sign In with your Google Account

You need to use a Google account because this tool uses YouTube Data API to search videos and channels.

This tool doesn’t collect any of your personal information, not even your email address. You’ll be redirected towards a secure Google authentication sign-up window. All you need to do is select your account, allow access, and sign up.

Step 2: Build Your Placement List

Once you sign in, you’ll find yourself on the Search Page. Start building your placement list with ten times the normal speed! Simply type in your keywords and press the Search button.

You’ll immediately get access to a list of relevant videos. Each of them will have thumbnails and titles to clarify the content. Select the videos you want to add to your placement list.

Step 3: Expand Your List

If you want a longer list, just add a different set of keywords and search again. Don’t worry! You’ll find your previously selected videos in the ‘Selected Items’ panel.

Step 4: Collect Your URLs

Now it’s time to collect the URLs of your chosen videos. You can either copy all the URLs and paste them into a separate document. Or you can download the list in a text document. Add them to your Google Ad Campaign and get started!

Placement Targeting Options

Your content needs to be in the right place to capture the attention of your target market. Here’s a list of placements that helps you strategically display your ads:

  • YouTube channels
  • YouTube videos
  • Websites on the Google Display Network
  • Apps on the Google Display Network

Any placement you add to the Google Display Network “may still run in all eligible locations on YouTube” and vice versa. Aim to deliver useful ads to the viewers and provide a relatable experience.

YouTube Video Ad Best Practices

How do you know your content is reaching out to your desired audience? What if they click on the “Skip Ad” button and miss the selling point? Follow these strategies to create an effective video ad!

1: Capture Their Attention in the First Few Seconds

It’s important to leave an impression right away. Create a video that entices your audience from the start. Show why your brand is unique and what it has to offer. Some ads are muted so make sure to add incredible visuals.

2: Encourage Your Audience to Take a Step

Every advertisement must incorporate a call to action. Add it to the end of your video through visuals or texts. Entice them with discounts or lure them in with more information.

3: Make your Offering Appealing

You need to show that you’re great at what you do. Stand out from your competitors by highlighting your unique selling point. Tell the audience you know what you’re doing by sharing your stories of success.

Why should they choose you? What makes your brand valuable? Show your audience that you’re the right choice. You need to give the viewers an incentive to trust you. Show you’re the best at what you do.

4: Pay Attention to the Timing

People don’t enjoy watching long videos. Online ads tend to be 30 seconds or less. Stick to that length. Construct your script accordingly and don’t incorporate unnecessary elements. Keep it simple but engaging.

Benefits of YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second-most visited website with 2 billion users logging in every month. And it is also growing at 4.9%! Can you imagine how many leads you can generate? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

1: More Reach

People watch over a billion hours of videos every day generating millions of views. YouTube allows you to reach out to these highly engaged audience.

2: Highly Targeted Advertising

YouTube has a wealth of knowledge that can help you with targeting the right audience. You can pinpoint your viewers through demographics, topics, customer matches, and more. Don’t be too specific. It may limit your reach otherwise.

3: Comprehensive Data and Metrics

YouTube helps you track your views, budget, and interactions.

All the data you collect during your ad campaign provides insightful information about your audience. You don’t only get to see how well they worked, but also how the viewers interact with them.

4: Build Relationships

Video is a powerful medium to engage with your viewers – build an emotional connection and nurture that relationship. No other advertising mediums give you that level of leverage to build relationships with your target market.