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Google Ads Templates

we have bought you free Google Ads Template which is ready to import through your Google Ads editor and using this template you can up and run your Google Ads campaign within 5 minutes. It’s that simple.

What Included:
  1. ‘Google Ads campaign’ just ready to upload using the Google Ads editor.
  2. Very well structured Ad Groups and Keywords.
  3. The standard number of Ad Groups have been created using Mix SKAGs, you can remove the ad groups you don’t need. But you hardly need to add more ad groups and keywords. (except the location/brand terms)
  4. Updated expanded text ads with at least 3 text ads in an ad group. Text ads are compelling and with a proper call to action. All you need to do is to update the final landing page URLs.
  5. At least 1 responsive text ad has been added to every ad groups.
  6. Text ad extensions (though it depends on the website or landing page, still you can use which fits your business)
  7. Negative Keywords have been added with this templates (please cross check the negative keywords before applying; you will find the full list of negative keywords here Link)

Please select the Google Ads Templates you want to download.