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About YouTube Keyword Tool

Billions of people watch YouTube videos daily, but the real question is what type of videos you should make that will get you likes, subscribers, but most importantly, views?

The solution is simple: find out what people are searching for on YouTube. And this is exactly what this YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool is for! This tool will provide you with the latest and most searched keywords on YouTube in your country. No need for guesswork.

How to use this Keyword Tool

YouTube Keyword Suggestion tool finds the latest and most common searched keywords on YouTube for any topic by using YouTube’s autocomplete service. This tool will also allow you to find the most searched keywords on YouTube for a specific country for better reach and relevance.

This is quite powerful but very easy to use. Just follow these simple steps to find the keyword you are looking for:

  • Enter the keywords about your topic, i.e. cooking.
  • Select the country for your content, i.e. United States.
  • Press “Get Suggestions,” and you will get a list of the most popular and searched keywords on YouTube.
  • Select all the keywords that suit your videos.
  • Lastly, press “COPY” and paste the selected keywords on your videos or press “Download TXT” to download the keywords in a TXT file.

Generate Video Ideas with YouTube Keyword Tool

To make a viral video on YouTube, first, you need a good idea about which you are going to make your video. For this same reason, many creators, especially those who want to be successful on YouTube, constantly look for good YouTube video ideas.

Fortunately, there are infinite sources of great YouTube video ideas you can find very easily only if you know the proper way to find them.

Billions of people watch videos on YouTube daily, and to make it easier for the users, YouTube provides the Autocomplete service. This service offers search suggestions for the users to speed up their searching process by predicting what they are looking for based on past and current user searches. Therefore, you can find a list of suggested searches when you search for something on YouTube.

These suggestions are what users are searching for on YouTube, which means hundreds of millions of people are trying to find videos on YouTube with similar keywords!

Here is the good news, with this YouTube Keyword Research Tool, you can generate great YouTube video ideas targeted not only at your own country’s audience but also at international audiences as well.

Optimize Video Keyword for YouTube SEO

If you want to optimize your video for YouTube search, or simply you are looking for a tool for video SEO, then YouTube Keyword Suggestion is perfect for you.

The YouTube algorithm ranks videos based on several factors for each individual search. However, those factors used for ranking are not disclosed to the public, but one thing is certain, and that is the keywords in video titles and descriptions play a vital role. Keywords help the algorithm understand what the video is about, and based on that, the algorithm decides the video’s audience.

Although youtube did not mention the factors used to rank their videos, there are strategies developed by expert users over the years that can help you rank up your videos in YouTube search. And one of the most popular and effective strategies is to use long-tail keywords over short-tail keywords.

Short Keywords are Broad and Competitive

The problem with short tail keywords is that for instance, the word “YouTube marketing” is related to “how to do YouTube marketing?” and also to other types of YouTube marketing related videos on YouTube such as “Downsides of YouTube marketing”, “ Is YouTube marketing expensive?”. So, your videos will be placed among thousands of other YouTube marketing related videos, even if your videos cover a different type of topic.

However, if you use “How to do YouTube marketing?” in your video title or in the description box, your videos will no longer be sorted with other YouTube marketing related videos like “Downsides of YouTube marketing”. This will make it much easier for the algorithm to point out the differences.

That’s how, long-tail keyword searches can help your videos reach your targeted audiences easily by making it niche-specific and reducing overall competition.

Use Long-Tail Keywords to Win Niches

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keywords or phrases that users are likely to use when they search for a specific thing.

These types of keywords usually range from 3 to 5 words. For example, “how to do YouTube marketing?”. On the contrary, short-tail keywords are search phrases that users use to search for items on the internet but only use one or two words. For example, “ YouTube marketing”.

One important thing to note is when using long-tail keywords do not get too specific as it will have the opposite effect on your videos.

You need to understand the size and scope of your audience when deciding your keywords. By using lengthy or complex keywords you will cut down your target audience as not everyone will use those type of keywords while searching.

For instance, instead of writing “how to do youtube marketing for someone who is doing it for the first time?” you can simply write “Youtube marketing for beginners”. This narrows down the viewers to your target audience without cutting off any targeted audience. Therefore, you should use general keywords that your audience is most likely to use.

In conclusion, the right keywords will bring the right audiences for your videos on YouTube and Google Search, thus helping you get more likes, views, and subscribers. And with the help of this YouTube Keyword Suggestion tool, you can easily find the perfect keywords to use in your YouTube video’s description and title.