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Adwords Keyword Wrapper Tool

Adwords Keyword wrapper tool understands Modified Broad Match Perfectly (no modifiers on prepositions & stop words)

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About AdWords Keyword Wrapper

Keyword Wrapper a free tool for search marketers. This tools helps you quickly wrap keyword phrases for different match types (broad, phrase and exact). You can copy or download the list once you are done preparing your list. There are no CAPTCHA requirements to use AdWords Wrapper.

How to use Keyword Wrapper Tool

Select the match types you need and other options like removing duplicates or symbols.

Enter keyword phrases into the box below (one keyword per line). Match types will be created automatically on the result box.

Click ‘Copy All’ to copy all the wrapped keywords or ‘Download TXT’ to download them to your computer.

What are Google Keyword Match Types

There is an excellent article on Google that goes in-depth about all match types – broad, phrase and exact

Broad Match Keyword

Ads may show on searches that are related to your keyword, which can include searches that don’t event contain the keyword terms. This is the default match type.

Use this match type if you are

  • looking to reach more visitors
  • prospecting a new niche
broad match
Image from Google

Phrase Match Keyword

Ads may show on searches that include the meaning of your keyword. The meaning of the keyword is implied by Google’s algorithm and design to caputre searches with similar intent. Phrase match is more flexible than exact match, but is more targeted than the default broad match option.

Use this match type to show your ads to customers who are most likely searching for your product or service.

phrase match

Exact Match Keyword

Ads may show on searches that are the same meaning or same intent as the keyword.

exact match

Negative Match Type

Use this match type to filter out keywords that are not related to your business or have low ROI. Use Negative Keyword Tool to quickly build a negative keyword lists for your business.

We also have Done-for-you Google Search Ad Templates and Negative Keyword lists for a number of business niches. These are all tested in real-life campaigns that generated staggering results for our clients.

DMTools helped fine tune my campaign at blazing fast speed. There are many tools that charge a ton for much smaller value. But they are offering it for free. You guys are awesome!




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