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Negative Keyword List for Fitness Center

Weed out your unnecessary traffic from your Fitness Center Google Ads campaigns using this negative keyword list.

  • 160+ Fitness Center Negative Keywords.
  • 140+ Common negative Keywords
  • Tested on over 3 Fitness Center themed campaigns.

    About free Negative Keyword Lists:

    Our negative keyword lists are designed for the business owner and agency guy who want to remove the stress of spending too much time on search term report and finding negative keywords by spending their valuable working hours. We want to help you to maintain the management of the clients and business while we take care of your time to find negative keywords. We bring you the ‘done for you negative keyword list’.

    About Us!

    We are a team of Google Ads Manager, we have been managing Google Ads campaigns for the last 10 years and still managing with great success. Based on the experiences of managing more than 1k Google Ads account, we have created these negative keyword lists that have been revised and perfected for over 2 years.

    We’ll be very happy for every single dollar you’ll save on your Google Ads / Microsoft Ads account with our effort.

    What you’ll get:

    1. 160+ Industry-specific negative keyword list for Fitness Center.
    2. 140+ Common negative keyword list which is suitable for almost all business types.
    3. 15 Usual negative terms people often use to search on Google like porn, sex, amazon, eBay etc.
    4. 48 Information searching terms which can drain your PPC budget like reviews, article, guides etc.
    5. 19 Employment searching terms people used to use like intern, resume, salary, career etc.
    6. 17 Training & Education terms like course, classes, training, school etc.
    7. 16 terms price-sensitive buyers use like free, cheap, discount etc.
    8. 10 wiki searching terms people use like how to, why, what is etc.
    9. 30 manufacture and industrial terms which can drain your budget like export, import, toys, rent, model etc.

    What you need to do:

    1. The keywords are all organized, you just need to download and apply to your Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account.
    2. You need to review the keywords once to check if any negative keywords conflict with your business.

    Use our Negative Keyword Tool to generate your own Negative keyword lists.