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Google Ads Reporting Template – Using Google Data Studio.

Save your time to create a report template for Google Ads using Google Data Studio.

  • Done for you Reporting Template.
  • Just need to add Data Soruce.

    About free Google Ads Reporting Template:

    This Google Ads Reporting Template is designed for the business owner and agency guy who want to save their time in creating advanced Google Ads report to use themselves and to share with the clients. You maintain the management of the clients and business while we help you taking care of your time to create Google Ads Report.

    You can connect multiple data sources with Google Data Studio so you can generate for your Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Google Analytics report too.

    It’s 100% free!

    About Us!

    We are a team of Google Ads Manager, we have been managing Google Ads campaigns for the last 10 years and still managing with great success. Based on the experiences of managing more than 1k Google Ads account, we have created these campaign templates that have been revised and perfected for over 2 years.

    What you’ll get:

    1. 13 pages advanced Google Ads report ( Google Analytics & CallRail reports included, you can add or remove the pages). 
    2. Lead generation summary report.
    3. KPI Scorecard Metrics.
    4. Campaign Level Performance Report.
    5. Conversion Actions Report.
    6. Device Performance Report.
    7. Keyword Level Performance Report.
    8. Ad Group Level Performance Report.
    9. Monthly Stats & Comparison Report.
    10. Daily Stats & Comparison Report.
    11. Hours of the Day Report.
    12. Geographic Report Report.
    13. CallRail Summary Report. 
    14. Google Analytics Summary Report.

    What you need to do:

    1. You need to login to your Google Data Studio account (it’s free).
    2. You need to create and connect your data source to the report.